29 Ocak 2008 Salı

Foot Problems And Diabetes

When a person has diabetes, they can suffer from many different ailments. One of the most painful and common are foot problems. If a person with diabetes does not follow a strict diet, high levels of glucose may cause the circulatory system to slow down. Feet will begin to feel numb due to slow circulation brought on by enlarged blood vessels, which is a common symptom of diabetes. When parts of the body do not get enough blood flow, they will begin to lose feeling. Changing ones diet, losing weight, and staying active are the best ways to combat this painful issue.

For those who are already suffering the effects of poor blood circulation to the feet, it is important to check the feet every day since pain or discomfort cannot usually be felt. If a person has a cut on their foot, bacteria will build-up. This can have disastrous effects. Being aware of the dangers of poor circulation should help a person to decide if they want to lead a healthier lifestyle. Once a person has lost feeling in their feet, there can be other pain such as leg and knee stiffness.

Taking care of one’s body before the onset of diabetes is very important. There are many problems that can arise that could have been prevented. Consult a doctor to see what preventative measures can be taken to help reduce the risk of diabetes and complications that may occur. If one already has diabetes, changing one’s diet and exercise regime may be enough to keep problems associated with the foot from affecting one’s life.

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